Galway is one of the famed walled cities of Ireland, although today you will only see remnants. It was established in 1270, although there had been residents there for some time. It became a port town that had trade with the Spanish, and today is considered a cultural hub of Ireland. Galway has many attractions, and because it has a university, National University of Ireland, Galway, it attracts an international feel even though it is in the very traditional west of Ireland. The town is of a big/small feel and there is always plenty to do. Oh, and the food is eclectic as well. Take a walking tour and download an app, or go to one of the traditional old bookstores and pick up one of those paper things called a map, you remember those?

More on the history of Galway

Main attractions to Galway are:

National University of Ireland, Galway

Galway City Museum

St. Nicholas’s Church

Druid Theatre

Spanish Parade

Quay Lane – Known for it’s restaurants

Galway Arts Festival – July