The capitol of Scotland, this medieval town has it all. And dolphins to boot. Filled with cobble stones and streets that are bridges in the air, you can find some amazing things here, and below the streets. Watch the Wynds, for walking up straight can prove difficult.

Hint: Trip prep. I warn you that you should do a gym routine with ankle strengthening in mind, cobble stones are intense here. In fact, just start training for your trip. I have already started for my next one. Travel is a workout itself at times, but you don’t want to get injury.

You can’t get lost in Old Reeky, just look for the castle and you can find you way back from anywhere. All castles are built to be imposing, but this one just sits and sprawls. I spent many hours just wandering the streets, one day I did 12 miles before I checked my health app without realizing how long I had been going. The tours are fun, I tend to stay clear of the real tourist trap kind of tours, but there are some fun ones here like underground tours and ghost tours. Unless you have a car hire and want to see the outlying area, you may have to take a tour bus. I recommend following Travels with a Kilts on Twitter, for real travels and experiences. Great travel blog for Scotland.


Edinburgh Castle East

The kirk yards are the most amazing to us west coast US types, we rarely see tombstones and insane momento plaques like what can be found in Europe. We have mostly 1840s to the present grave sites, so seeing some amazing detailed ones and old ones from 1700 to 1840 is a rare treat. I could not get enough of these elaborate momentos to the departed, where families try to out do one another to show prominence in burial monuments. I had not seen such lengths gone to with grand burial tributes, even in our SF Bay area where prominent business tycoons and founders of San Francisco are buried. However these certainly can’t top some of the ones I saw in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Who’s buried here? George “Bluidy” MacKenzie, the many who persecuted 1,200 Covananters here.

The most famous being Greyfriars Bobby, the faithful dog that would not leave its masters grave.

For fun on the hauntings that supposed go on here, check out, Welcome to the Most Haunted Graveyard in the World. Safety Not Guaranteed.

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Greyfriers Kirkyard